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The Nursing Homes for Alzheimer

Nursing Homes for AlzheimerThe nursing home for elderly people with Alzheimer's disease (Beit Avot Siyoudiyim le'hole altzeimer)

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disease that affects the brain and deteriorates mental function of the elderly. This can lead to problems including sight, confusion, disorientation and short and long term memory loss ... The elderly person then can not support themselves on a daily basis.

Nursing homes that specialize in Alzheimer's disease have trained personnel on the technical (for health care delivery) and relational (through verbal and nonverbal, by touch) aspects of the care of elderly patients suffreing from this disease.

Moreover, these institutions themselves are designed with a suitable architecture: the rooms are generally a little larger and situated around a space for strolling and a kitchen / common dinning room (for therapeutic workshops).

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