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The Nursing Homes in Israel (Batei Avot Siyoudiyim)

Nursing Homes in IsraelThe Batei Avot Siyoudiyim are suitable for the frail elderly who need nursing care (kchich siyoudi) because they can't carry out alone basic daily living:

stand, sit, bathing, dressing, eating and drinking and moving around inside or out.

The elderly person must pass ADL (Activities of Daily Living - Activities of daily living) test to evaluate its dependence and obtain the status of Kchich Siyoudi (dependent elderly person) if it fails to do only half of these basic activities.

The Kchich siyoudi may receive an allocation from the Bureau of Health (Misrad Habrioute) based on his state of dependency but also his level of resources and that of his spouse.

Before choosing a nursing home, we must first assess the level and quality of service provided to medicine.

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