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Process of entry in a retirement home in Israel

Retirement home in Israel








1) First, evaluate the ability of the elderly to independantly perform activities.

For this, we use in Isreal the ADL (Activities of Daily Living) test. This is to assess the degree of autonomy of the elderly through a filter of six criteria. The ability to independantly:

- Stand and sit,

- Wash themselves,

- Get dressed,

- Eat,

- Take care of physical needs,

- Be mobile both indoors and outdoors.


2) Secondly,  make sure that the selected institution is approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (Misrad Habriout veHareva'ha).

That is to say that the establishmenst are in compliance as required for example in human resources, equipment, etc..

3) Thirdly,  check the legal contract that binds both parties: the Resident (Dayar) and Residence (Diyour) or the Retirement Home (Beit Avot).

The contract should detail the composition and qualification of the personnel. The contract should specify that there is an Admissions Committee. This should include the Director, the doctor, social worker, and nurse. It is they who give approval to the admission of the resident.

The contract must also include details of equipment, services offered in the basket of services and any supplementary services to be paid extra. Fees and payments must also be specified.

We must also ensure that the institution is insured for its liability (a'hrayute).

Please note, that the contract must also specifically provide with the following:

1. A clause on the fundamental duties ('hovot a'haloute al beit Avot) of the residence (in addition to the resident) whose violation due to the retirement home would lead to a breach of contract,

2. A clause dealing with the possible departure of the resident, such that if he/she wants to change residencethat there are no financial or other penalties.




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