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The services offered in retirement homes in Israel

retirement homes in Israel
 A good retirement home in Israel must include:

Services and safety equipment such as fire safety facilities (fire detectors with central fire extinguishers in sufficient number), a miklat (bomb shelter) ... with personnel trained in emergency procedures and updated maintenance protocols.

An emergency call system in each resident's room (pears emergency call in the bedroom and the bathroom, a light at the door and a table in the infirmary or a deferral on beepers of caregivers)

Basic equipment for residential rooms with facilities ergonomically designed for the elderly (e.g. trap on the floor in the shower with shower seat if possible, support handles in the washroom, near the toilet and shower).

 • Meals : 3 main meals and 2 snacks a day and hot water and drink at any time. A kosher retirement home must provide kosher meals.

Cultural activities: These activities must be of good quality, varied and adapted to the state of physical and mental health of older people and with at least a TV and reading lounge.

Nursing and medical facilities: A retirement home must at least be able to provide nursing and physical therapy services, etc.

Maintenance and cleaning: The staff of the Residence shall clean public areas and resident rooms following cleaning according to standard cleaning. The maintenance staff of the Residence must handle all small repairs and maintenance and supervise preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment.

Air conditioning: All rooms and public areas should have adequate air conditioning and ventilation in both Summer and Winter. All related equipment should be serviced and maintained on a regular basis according to standard procedures..

Power supply: The establishment must have a backupgenerator to deal with potential power outages.


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