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Types of retirement homes in Israel

The Beit Avot (retirement home) or Beit Avot leatsmayim (retirement home for independent seniors):

They are suitable for older people able to handle and wishing to live in an environment designed for the elderly.

The Beit Avot Siyoudiyim (Retirement homes with nursing):

They are suitable for people who need support for acts of daily life. These basic actions are called in English "Activities of Daily Living (ADL)."

The Beit Avot mechoulavim:

These are bate avot leatsmayim with a nursing department (type Beit Avot siyoudiyim).

The Diyour Mugane (literally Sheltered Housing):

It is suitable for people who want independent living in an appropriate age. The resident (Dayar) owns the dwelling and also benefits at will of a basket of services.

The Diyour Tomekh (literally supportive housing):

These are Diyour Mugane with a nursing department to support the resident whose state of health deteriorated.

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