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Why enter a retirement home ? Why in Israel?










Why enter a retirement home?

The reasons for entering a retirement home are many and dependant on various issues: family situation, financial capability, state of health, social/companionship needs, etc.

In terms of health, an elderly person may no longer be able to perform specific activities of everyday life: to wash him/herself for example. We should probably direct him/her to a retirement home (Beit Avot) or a nursing home (Beit Avot Siyoudiim) according to that person's level of dependence.

On the psychological and family side, it may be difficult to properly take care of an elderly person even if he/she is healthy. It takes a lot of technical know-how and understanding of relationships with elderly folk, to best deal with them.

In addition, the Retirement Home is a place full of life and provides a rich space for socializing with other seniors, with whom it is possible to share time and social-networkind during meals or snacks, social or cultural activities ... The residences indeed offer  a wide range of enriching activities for the elderly such as exercise classes, drawing, music and dance, films, lectures and museum visits, board games, cooking, etc.

Why enter a retirement home in Israel?

An elderly person living outside of Israel may desire to  join family or friends who have settled in Israel. At this period in their lives, they may find it important to physically live closer to those they hold dear.

Some may also wish to live  in the Land of Israel for religious or ideological reasons. Residing in Israel then becomes a personal achievement, the result of an internal process and a goal finally reached.

For others it is an opportunity to regain their cultural or religious roots: live every day in an environment adapted to Jewish culture and its values.

For some - particularly those from harsh, cold weather climates - living in the more temperate Israel is a great benefit for their health and mobility.

In all cases, choosing a retirement home in Israel allows the elderly person to fulfill a wish to live more in harmony with him/herself and with the desired environment.

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