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The Diyur Mugan in Israel

Here are some useful keywords:

DME a'hzaka (literally "money of property"): monthly fees prepaid at the Residence to receive services from the basket of services.

DME knissa (literally "money of entry"): money paid by the resident to be a homeowner. The amount is smaller than the pikadone but it is depreciated of 2% + VAT each month. After about 4 years nothing is left to the resident. He/she can live in the appartment and enjoy the services until 120 ...

DME pikadone (literally "deposit money"): money paid by the resident to be a homeowner. The amount is depreciated of 3% each year during generally 12 years. The money left is back to the resident or his/her progeny.

Ma'hlaka Siyoudit (Nursing Department): The residence has a dedicated department of nursing.

Sal chiroutim (Basket of Services): the resident receives a range of services such as catering, cleaning of common areas and rooms, and various socio-cultural activities appropriate to the age and condition etc..

Tekoufate nissayon ​​(trial): the resident may test the home for a trial period for payment.

Payment terms and guarantees:

Choose the payment terms that best suit to your financial situation.

Choose the type of deposit among the three following possibilities: the method of the entire deposit (pikadone curse), the method of partial deposit (pikadone 'helkit), the minimum lease payments (DME skhirout kvouim).

There are several kinds of guarantees that can provide the Residence: the bank guarantee ('aravot bankayit), secured by the mortgage registration in the first degree (richoum machkanta midraga richona), guaranteed by the registration of pledge (richoum machkone), guaranteed by Warning (ha'arat hazehara).

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